Sample Assignments and Templates

The goal of the Novels in Context project is to provide curated, scholarly, and critically-annotated resources about the 18th-century English novel for scholars, teachers, and students in a way that is conscious of the material practices of making knowledge.

Draft Assignments and Templates

Project Overview "This term, you’ll be creating and adding an e-text to the Novels in Context project, a database of TEI-formatted XML files, the goal of which is ultimately to make a collection of texts for students, teachers, and scholars to use in a variety of ways. You will be using the template I provide as a model to create your own addition to the database..." Google Doc
Detailed Steps Explains getting images, transcribing, researching, and marking up the TEI Header. Google Doc
TEI Header Marking up the TEI Header is included in this account of more detailed steps. Google Doc
Template View a draft template of an entire TEI document, with sample header, body, and annotations. Google Doc